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Value Education

Today, the education imparted to our children is almost solely limited to what Sri Ramakrishna characterized as ‘education for bread and butter’. Students are led to believe that by developing the ability to gather, store, and retrieve vast information, they stand educated. But, Swami Vivekananda points out, “Education is not the amount of information that is put into your brain and runs riot there, undigested all your life. We must have life-building, man-making and character-making assimilation of ideas.”  

Mere academic knowledge without deep rooting in moral and spiritual values will only fashion lop-sided personalities who may become rich in material possessions, but will remain poor in self-understanding, peace, and social concern. Emphasizing this fact, Swami Vivekananda said, “Excess of knowledge and power, without holiness, makes human beings devils.”  

As a humble step towards achieving the goal of exposing and sensitizing our children to the educational vision of national heritage, Ramakrishna Mission has undertaken a project ‘Be and Make – Education for manifesting Perfection’.
The concept is to reach school children with a series of books which will be books with a difference. The main aim of these books will be to help our children to imbibe certain fundamental values and internalize them in their daily life and interpersonal interaction. 

We intend to bring out these books at two levels: one, value education story books and two, diary-cum-personal journals. While the story books would expose the children with the philosophy and sublimity of value education ideas, the diary-cum-personal journals would form in them healthy habits calculated to develop introspection, capacity of self-evaluation, etc.   




Sanmarga Darshi


  Rs. 70/-

Self evaluation of one’s Personality based on certain Traits
Our Educational Needs
Acharya Upadesha and Vidyarthi Homa
Brain teasers, healthy humour, general knowledge, riddles, quiz etc.
Bharat Darshan - Know our Country
Sant Darshan - Meet the Saints
Keep fit through Yogasanas
Space for daily Diary Entries


Vijnana Sarathi


  Rs. 75/-

Self evaluation of one’s Personality based on certain Traits
Our Educational Need
Acharya Upadesha and Vidyarthi Homa
Brain teasers, healthy humour, general knowledge, riddles, quiz etc.
Month-end Creative Activities
Space for daily Diary Entries


Atma Vikas


  Rs. 75/-

Self evaluation of one’s Personality based on certain Traits
Fortnightly Resolutions and self evaluation of the resolution practiced.
Our Educational Needs
Acharya Upadesha and Vidyarthi Homa
Brain teasers, healthy humour, general knowledge, riddles, quiz etc.
Interesting anecdotes
Space for daily Diary Entries


Parents and Teachers
in Value Education

Value Education is not just student-centric; it includes and begins with parents and teachers. These elders are the inescapable role model for a growing child.

This book draws the attention of parents and teachers to the significance of their role in shaping the values of their children / students.

  Rs. 35/-






For age group 11-13 years

Arunoday’ is the story of a family’s one-day excursion. The five children in the story imbibe values in the course of the event-filled day.

 ‘Titbits’ –at the end of each chapter has interesting information, riddles, jokes and quotes.

  Rs. 40/-

For age group 12-14 years

‘The Guiding Light’ is another value education story book for students. The central characters are students of a school who imbibe values through interaction with their value education teacher.

After each chapter in the story book, there are ‘Action Time’ pages for the students to write stories and to do some creative, useful, group activities on the idea they got from that chapter.

  Rs. 40/-


For age group 13-15 years

‘How Shall I Be?’ is a story book which has been designed to stimulate the students to think about how to shape themselves. The chapters have been prepared on a holographic model. Thus, while each chapter has a central value that it conveys prominently, there are also strains of the remaining four values in consonance with the keynote value. Values relating to rationality, concentration of mind, expansion of heart, developing civic sense and national consciousness, and inter-religious harmony are presented in the five chapters of this book.

  Rs. 40/-


For age group 14-16 years

‘Subho’s Adventure’ is the story of Subho, a student of class nine. One day, a messenger came to him from a mysterious world. His awareness of the world expanded and his understanding deepened. His life was changed. He was freed from the cage of the time in which he was born. Like a rolling river he could embrace the past, the present and the future in a singular whole. He realized the meaning of Life and of Time. This is also a story of Time.

  Rs. 40/-



These books are available at the sales section of Ramakrishna Mission, Belur Math.  They are also available at the branch centres of Ramakrishna Mission all over India.

These books can also be ordered by post.  A discount of 30% will be given to bulk orders exceeding 50 copies (packing and forwarding charges will be extra). 

For placing orders please write to :

The Monk in-charge,

P cum P unit,

Ramakrishna Mission Saradapitha,

P.O. Belur Math,

Dist. Howrah, West Bengal : 711 202

 Orders can also be placed by e-mail at rmsppp@gmail.com or rkmhqvep@gmail.com

An advance amount equivalent to the price of the books required is to be sent to us by Demand Draft / Cheque.  While placing order, please mention clearly the name and the number of the books required by you and also your complete postal address with phone number. The books will be sent by the mode preferred by you.  If you want to get the book through any Transport Agency, please mention the name of the Transport Agency and their telephone number at Kolkata. Also mention when your new session is starting, if you are taking for your school.

Demand Draft/Cheque should be drawn in favour of (payable at Kolkata):

R K Mission Saradapitha (VE) 

and should be addressed to The Monk in-charge at the address mentioned above.

For further queries or sending your feedback please write us at

Value Education Cell

Ramakrishna Mission Vivekananda University

P. O. Belur Math,

Dist Howrah, West Bengal : 711 202 
e-mail :rkmhqvep@gmail.com



Donations for this project from well-wishers are welcome and will be thankfully acknowledged.  Please draw your Cheque/DD in favour of
“Ramakrishna Mission, Belur Math” and send it to:

The General  Secretary,

Ramakrishna Mission,

PO Belur Math,

Dist Howrah, W.B. 711 202.


In your covering letter, please mention clearly that the donation is meant for Value Education Project.



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Page updated : 22 May 2008